I was always curious to know more about the Internet and Computers, I went to study computer science and started contributed to open source, that's all how it started.

I see people ask all the time which course/tutorial/boot camp is good, how long it takes, what they'll learn, and so on. It's hard to have all the answers to those questions, but I can share my own experience.

So in this blog, I present to you a list of all the concepts, libraries, frameworks, and technology I'am learning, with links to the side quests and articles I've written about them. Although I'm trying to write it in order, there can be some overlap.

I'll try not to make too many assumptions, but this list is not meant to be a deep dive on any topic - although many of the links are!

My motivation for writing this blog is to keep learning and sharing it with the community at the same time.

Note: Some of the earlier/beginning articles may be short. They will improve gradually. :)